Team of the Week

With teams folding and others leaving, We have had a few dramatic filled weeks in the ECFA. The Valley Stallions packed their bags and entered into the CFCA and the PCFL Champions Buckeyes took their talents there as well. The Mudville Gators unfortunately folded and a few others struggle with numbers. Despite this all the ECFA got things rolling quickly. The Visalia Sharks Visited the River City Tigers 01/21/2023 for a preseason beat down. The Sharks (a first year team) was missing most of their key guys but fought hard until the clock ended. The Tigers looked composed and both teams started the ECFA off with the proper conduct teams should have in a game.

A Show to Remember

The most recent preseason game was a good one. The North Bay Rattlers and the South Beach Outlaws Showed how strong the ECFA really is. The Rattlers defense came out swing ing with a pick six from one of their lineman that got the Rattlers very hyped. But the Outlaws shook it off with their offense exploiting the Rattlers DBs for TDs. Both teams show promise in their run game but the Outlaws run game appears to be more solid. The Rattlers pass rush might be the best in the league if they can continue to apply pressure on the league’s QBs The was they did the Outlaw’s Golden boy QB. All in all the Better looking team goes to the Outlaws. They are the ECFA’s team of the week.


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