Semi Pro Football Back to a Respectable Level?

Many years now Semi Pro Football has had a bad wrap. Violence at the games, families feeling unsafe and Refs refusing to call games due to the disrespect from players and coaches. All these things have left a bad taste in the communities around Semi Pro Football mouth. But is there hope?

New League and Owners United

Owners have taken it upon themselves to come together and save the sport we love so much. The ECFA (an Owner owned league) has a zero tolerance for violence. Immediate and indefinite suspensions as well as detrimental consequences for the team that had the player on there roster will take place this season. The object is to discourage owners from becoming a safe space for “Bad Payers”. Safety of the families and community that attend is at the ECFA’s foremost priority. Look forward to these changes and more as this league looks to restore the love and excitement we all once had for this game we love so much.

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