ECFA Gets Ready For Epic Season

It’s been years since there was a league that Northern California could brag about. Most leagues in the past 5 years ahs been laughable to say the least. Teams playing each other 3 to 4 times a season and a “all makes the playoffs” format. Not any more! with 11 teams in the ECFA we can expect NFL quality competition and a valid Champion to represent the league in a National bid.

Who is all in?

The teams that are in the ECFA include (in no particular order) the North Bay Rattlers, North State Grizzlies, Southbeach Outlaws, Capital City Fury, NorCal Lions, Bay Delta Nightmares, Alameda Knights, Central Valley Armageddon, River City Tigers and two new teams the Visalia Sharks and the East Bay Rouge.

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