Who Will Win The ECFA Championship?

As the excitement continues to grow, not many people are wondering who will win the ECFA Championship Title. The overwhelmingly consistent perception is that the Cap City Fury or the South Beach Outlaws will win it. Granted, these are storied franchises with extensive winning records. However, there is a old team and a new team that could shake things up. After all, no one expected the Buckeyes to win the PCFL Championship in 2022. Let’s start win the old teams. The River City Tigers went 7-2 last year and lost in the PCFL playoffs against that Buckeyes Championship team mentioned earlier. They have a deep roster and great administration. The downside is the lack of ability to remain calm under adversity and disciple to execute the coaching staffs game plan. After watching several games, a couple of players just can’t get it together emotionally it seems. Playing with passion is what we love to see but this generation of football players confuse passion with something else and we end up with a toxic cocktail of players playing with egos and hurt pride. We will save that conversation for another article but if the tigers can exhibit a tad bit more discipline we could see them really shaking things up in the ECFA. The first new team that could shake things up and turn a few heads is the Rogue. With some big signings this offseason and a quickly growing roster, they seem to be the most respected of the new teams coming into this 2023 ECFA inaugural season. I worry that the rising expectation could be too much for such a new team and with the type of players in today’s game the Rogue could literally go rogue. Pun intended. We would have to just see how things work out when the Rogue goes to see the Bay Delta Nightmares first game of the season. Popcorn anyone? 

A Show to Remember

Whatever happens this season we can expect a potential ECFA Championship Title game preview in week 9 when the South Beach Outlaws play the Cap City Fury. The history between the two is like that one person you dated that you love to hate. Both organizations respect each other as formidable opponents. The Cap City Fury loves to flaunt their success and dominance through what all has come to accept as “Fury Fridays” and the South Beach Outlaws has that Tom Brady New England  Patriots type prestige they flaunt in the Real Semi-Pro Brotherhood group on facebook. It’s quite funny because the owner of the Fury has more of Mike Tomlin type vibe and the Outlaws owner is more like Coach JB from “Last Chance U”. I could be wrong but either way both teams and owners are love and respected throughout the Semi Pro community. Can’t wait to see who pulls it off and what the Championship will look like this season.



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