National Championship

Playing for a Natty is every Semi-Pro football players goal. The the big question is will the winner of the ECFA be able to get a bid for a National title run? Well the MLFR states “Only Leagues and Their Teams that are members of the Minor League Football Report will be Ranked for the National Championship. No other Team will be Ranked. Must have our Logo on their Website with membership and report All games weekly to the MLFR national Rankings Director. Leagues that are members will be listed and top teams will have playoff format TBD for the National Championship. The National Championship Game will be played during the Hall of Fame Weekend Events and will be the Main Event. All MLFR Rules with Liability Waiver Forms will be enforced as well.” With that being said all the owners in the ECFA are in! We want to see our Champ get that Natty.

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